Megabus Misery

Megabus {@megabus on Twitter} has the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. Yup, I’m making a bold statement here but this is my blog and I have the right to say how I really feel. So why does Megabus have me all angry and frustrated?

On February 9, 2010 Megabus sent me an email canceling my bus to NY due to the blizzard. That’s fine. In the email it said

Dear Megabus Customer,
Please be advised that the following bus service has been cancelled due to the recent weather forecasts.
Please call 877-Go2-Mega to reschedule or request a refund.

So I called for a few hours because they were busy and I emailed No response to my email but by the end of the evening I got someone on the line. I was told I would receive an email once my refund went through in 7 days. Cool, right? WRONG.

8 days go by (Feb 17) and I call because I’ve yet to get a refund or an email. The young lady says, or no that’s 7 to 10 business days. Ok. I’ll wait.

6 more days go by (Feb 24), still backed up…but it’ll happen. Nope…not yet and they give me a new number to call, 908-282-7420. I decide to call that number on and off at various times over a week because whenever I call I never seem to get a person and usually after 30 to 40 minutes on a loop of the same message I eventually get disconnected…sigh. I’m mad now.

9 more days (March 5), I call the 908 number and NEVER get a person on the phone after calling 3 different times and holding for a total of 1.5 hours. So on Sunday, March 7 I take a deep breath and I call the 908 number again. After I get disconnected after 15 minutes of holding I call back…still holding after 20 minutes. When I call their main number I talk to a manager named Ryan who keeps asking, “well did you email because that’s really the best way…” Um, Ryan, the first thing I said is I’ve yet to get a response to an email or a person on the “customer service line” so please stop asking me questions that I answered at the beginning of the phone call. Then he asks me what times of day did I call customer service because “they’re really busy.” Are they? Because I’ve yet to get anything productive out of that department so I’m starting to wonder if anyone works there.

So I email again, I also email through the form on the website and I call that faux customer service line one more time. Oh did I mention I’ve tweeted too?

As I started to write this post I decided to call again and put the phone on speaker. To my utter shock and amazement, SOMEONE ANSWERED THE PHONE! You know what else shocked and amazed me? Apparently my refund was never initiated. Sigh…

I got 2 emails tonight. One saying my reservation was made (if I get charged again I’ll scream) and another saying a refund was issued and it only took me a month to get my money back. Honestly, I don’t ever plan on riding Megabus again and will go back to my trusted Bolt Bus (they didn’t have times available for when I originally wanted to go so I made the mistake of giving Megabus a try).

Has anybody else had a bad experience with Megabus? Do share, I’d love to know if I’m not the only one.