KJL Caribbean Coral Cuff

KJL Carribean Coral Cuff
Kenneth Jay Lane is at QVC, did you know that? I love that so many designers are offering affordable options to their lines at QVC right now (ESPRIT is available on QVC now…must remember to tell my sister!) and I’m over the moon about Kenneth Jay Lane’s KJL line for QVC.

The KJL Caribbean Coral Cuff is definitely a favorite of mine for summer. I realize I tend to not wear any bracelets all winter long because my sleeves will automatically cover them all up and who wants their best stuff to not be seen? So when I do wear bracelets I’m piling them on or making a big statement with a huge piece. I love coral jewelry and this red hinged coral cuff would be a nice splash of color for any outfit. I also wouldn’t mind it in white and black is another option too.

I also wouldn’t mind owning most of the KJL pieces at QVC. I’ve got my eye on the Peacock Necklace and the KJL Enamel Maharani Brooch too. The brooch is funky and a bit fun, just screaming to be pinned to my cardigan. Don’t you think?

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