The Art of Man | The Manicure


KBJ has nice hands, no?

I know a lot of men don’t even think about manicures. Perhaps it’s the name or that they associate it with nail polish but it’s really about basic maintenance of nails and hands. The polish is just the cherry on the top for us ladies 😉 Keeping nails clean and neat makes a huge impact in my opinion and I hate to see a man with long ragged nails and hang nails.

At first, my husband never cared about how his nails looked and after begging and pleading he let me clip them and shape them. Then one day on our commute in to work he saw me rubbing cuticle oil on my nails and asked me what I was doing. I told him it helped to keep my cuticles soft and reduced the amount of hangnails I get in the winter. He then placed his hand in my lap and asked me to put a bit of cuticle oil on his hand too and from that point forward whenever I pull cuticle cream out, I have to give him an instant manicure in the car or when we’re getting ready for bed.

DSCN2024The folks at QTICA were nice enough to send over their Cuticle Repair Balm and Hand Repair Balm for the both of us to try. When I asked KBJ how he felt after he tried the cuticle balm he said, “rejuvenated.” HA! When I asked him to explain he told me that the cuticle oil smelled nice and made his nail bed look clean and feel soft, rejuvenated. The other day I heard him tell a male friend that the balm helped keep his hands soft and that the trick was to use a balm that wasn’t too greasy, “like that “Q” stuff she gave me.” I think the other part of why he liked it was that the packaging isn’t too girly, so he was okay putting it on at night before bed.

All winter long Ive been trying my hardest to keep my hands from being dry and cracked and I placed the Hand Repair Balm on my bathroom sink next to the hand soap. That way whenever I wash my hands, I remember to slather on a bit of balm. Like the cuticle balm, the hand balm has a light and pleasing sent and it absorbs into the skin very quickly and isn’t greasy. It’s definitely heavier than your average lotion but for all the hand washing I do with cooking and trying to stay germ free this stuff does the trick. My hands immediately look “rejuvenated.”

So if you need to rejuvenate the hands of a special guy in your life try the cuticle balm first. Once he sees how good his hands can look, he just might be convinced.

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