Friday’s Fabulousnes {I heart clogs}

Fridays make me deliriously happy. They do. indigo by Clarks Cleary ClogToday I am happy because I finally got my refund from Megabus (about time), I get to sleep in a bit this weekend, and the temperatures are way above freezing like they were for all of December, January AND February. I’m happy that I can see the beginnings of spring – WOOHOO!

I’m also happy about clogs being on trend. I’ve said it before that I’ve always been a clog kind of girl. Maybe it was because my 6ft 1 Dad wore clogs (despite the fact that they embarrassed me to no end) so when I realized I loved clogs, I wore them without shame. My first pair was a green suede pair in the 9th grade. They were perfection, despite being a bit too big for me.

Right now I own 5 pairs of clogs that I can think of off the top of my head (don’t worry, I’m going to do a How To Accessorize with Clogs, I think it’s mandatory) and 1 pair is a fabulous comfortable pair by indigo by Clarks. So I had to feature the indigo by Clarks Women’s Cleary Clog because I know they’re comfy and a great pair of clogs to help usher you into spring! Oh how I love a great clog and these are a wonderful “starter clog” LOL.

Have a fabulousness filled weekened everyone!


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