Monday’s Manicure | Zoya Glimmer

Zoya GlimmerHappy Monday! I thought today I’d feature a pretty polish I’m pretty smitten with. I fell in love with Zoya Glimmer a while ago when I got it with my order from the Zoya Polish Exchange.

Glimmer is a sheer light cream with a hint of pink to it and lots of soft shimmer. LOVE! It’s that perfect soft neutral that looks like such a lady like color. I love how my fingertips seem to twinkle but it’s not over the top like a glitter filled polish (which I also love but sometimes isn’t always the most appropriate choice).

I actually wouldn’t mind seeing how this color looked with a French manicure…perhaps I’ll have to try that next but I’d need to figure out what the color for the tips would be. Hmm…I’ll let you know.

0 thoughts on “Monday’s Manicure | Zoya Glimmer

    • @Roni Zoya is a great brand! They have a huge selection of colors and the formula is always consistent. I’m excited, they’re coming out with a color that’s my name. YAY!

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