Monday’s Mascara | Bobbi Brown Everything Mascara

This weekend I stopped by Nordstrom and they were having a major beauty event and doing makeovers. I got the chance to slip in once again with a Bobbi Brown artist because why would I ever give up an opportunity to have my makeup done by a professional? Honestly, whenever I get my makeup done it makes me want to work at one of the counters, I may need to apply for a night/weekend job to satisfy my craving for all things beauty. Seriously. I always feel bad for the artist that gets me because I always have so many products and they want you to buy something you haven’t used before – and for me that’s difficult, but my artist did a great job at finding some new things for me to try.
One of the things she did use on me was the Bobbi Brown Everything Mascara. I’ve never tried a Bobbi Brown mascara (although my sister lives for their No Smudge Mascara) so I decided to share the results. Pretty lush lashes, right?

She didn’t use eyelash curlers, and it wasn’t waterproof and I got pretty long lashes. It separated nicely and it was a great glossy black mascara. I’d definitely try it again.

Interested in what my before and after looked like? Click to see more…

Nice, right? She used Raisin lipstick and emphasized my eyes with a very slight winged out liner. I loved the foundation and that was my beauty splurge for my budget. I’m a very happy girl.

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