Movie Night Anyone?

The September Issue on DVD Valentino: The Last EmperorJulie and JuliaToday is my day off. I have a day off every other Wednesday and I fill it with errands, hair appointments (yes, today I have an emergency hair appointment), blog stuff, random trips to NYC and then sometimes I do absolutely nothing at all. On days like that when I just want to nap and be absolutely lazy I also like to fill my time with movies. I’m not a big DVD buyer like my husband (that man will buy anything) but when I love a movie I try to add it to my very small DVD library. So what’s on my movie wish list right now?

  • The September Issue: Loved this movie. I will admit that I’m not a Vogue subscriber (I subscribed for a year and then decided not to renew) but I have a bachelor’s degree in Journalism, a master’s degree in Publishing and I run a blog, so I kind of love publishing and fashion. I used to dream of being the EIC of a major fashion magazine so this gives me a peek inside of what it’s really like at Vogue and you can’t walk away from this without falling in love with Vogue’s Creative Director, Grace Coddington.
  • Valentino: The Last Emperor: Beautiful. It’s a beautiful love story between Valentino and fashion, and Valentino and his partner. Valentino truly was an emperor of fashion and to watch his creative process, to have a peak inside of his mind was absolutely phenomenal.
  • Julie & Julia: I don’t consider myself a “foodie” but I do love to cook and this movie makes me want to make beef bourguignon with my dutch oven. It’s definitely on my list of foods to try, but this movie also brought me learn how to love and appreciate butter. Oh butter, you’re so good.

I know, it’s a Wednesday and you’re not thinking about movies, but perhaps you’ll have a girl’s night this weekend and thank me on Monday. Any other must have movies that I should add to my list?

0 thoughts on “Movie Night Anyone?

  1. Good Morning, I found your blog through the Washingtonian blogger spotlight and I must say I love it!! I totally agree with you regarding ” The Septmeber Issue” ,Grace Coddington is my new muse. I really want a movie/documentory to be totally about her. For me she was the life of the movie. She is genius. I had never thought about being into the editorial world but this movie made me want to give it a go (Just joking) 🙂

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