Timeless Watches by Timex

DSCF1155About 2 weeks ago I got a chance to meet with Amy Goodman, Trend Director and Fashion Expert for Timex. I thought it was kind of cool when they asked me if I wanted to meet with Amy because I love watches have a very big collection. One of the coolest watches I own is actually a Timex (X)Factor by Karim Rashid in white (my watch is 197 out of 500 made). It was part of a Timex anniversary collection and the watch moved me so much when I was reading Shop Etc. magazine (yes, it was 2004) in bed I hopped up, grabbed my credit card and ordered it online immediately and then got right back in the bed. When I see a watch I love, I have to have it.

Timex has been around for a long time and when I think of their watches I think of classic and traditional. Their designs are clean and sleek and their price points are pretty great for a watch that lasts ($50 and up). Now I’m sure when Amy was talking to me about the trends she thought I was going to gravitate towards the women’s watches. Of course what I wanted were the big bold faced men’s watches.

What I ended up loving the most was the T Series Automatic (and Amy was kind enough to let me keep the watch, so thanks Amy and Timex). It’s a stainless steel watch with beautiful automatic winding movement. I love the mix of silver, gold and rose gold on the hands and face of the watch. It’s a large face watch without being too overpowering. What’s probably the most beautiful thing about it is that it has an exhibition back so you can flip the watch over and see how beautifully it moves on the inside. It’s the little details like that, that make a watch special.
timexI also love the simpleness of the Timex Easy Reader. It’s simple, large numbers and timeless. It’s the kind of watch that you can wear everyday with anything and that’s the kind of watch you need to have in your jewelry box. Did I mention it’s also only $40…yup, that’s a steal.

If you haven’t checked out Timex lately, you definitely should. There are great options in both men and women’s watches and their classic designs will have you wearing them year after year. If you go to their site and have a favorite, let me know!

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