Wonderful Weekend

weekendI had a wonderful weekend. One of those weekends full of sunshine, laughter and overall warmth. It was just great and I thought I’d share a few of the photos from my weekend.

I was totally in love with my lipstick print Chuck Taylor All Stars, they’re my favorites currently and they magically make any outfit better.

My husband, Jessica of Design Wonderland and I went to the National Harbor for ice cream because Saturday was too beautiful not to stay outside for as long as possible.

I got a chance to meet Mikki Taylor of Essence Magazine at a What’s Your Beauty Secret luncheon {more about that to come later}. And I loved my outfit so much from the luncheon I took a few photos for the How To Accessorize Series.

Just wanted to share a few snapshots of what my weekend was like. Did you do anything fantastic? I’d love to know!

0 thoughts on “Wonderful Weekend

  1. Glad that you had a great weekend! The pictures definitely look like you had lots of fun and sunshine! I am loving that outfit that you wore to the luncheon. This weekend was okay, if not pretty chill.

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