What’s Your Beauty Secret?

So last Saturday I went to the Essence & Johnson’s Baby Oil What’s Your Beauty Secret Luncheon. It was celebrating the work of  WEEN, Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network, and included a panel with:

  • Mikki Taylor, Essence Beauty and Cover Director
  • Cheryl Burgess, MD FAAD: Board Certified Dermatologist; Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology, Georgetown University
  • Tia Dantzler, Johnson’s Beauty Consultant, Celebrity Makeup Artist and beauty blogger
  • JoElle Lyons, Master Aesthetician/Skin Specialist
  • Derrick Rutledge, Makeup Artist

I always love going to events where I’m surround by beautiful black women and this was no exception. I also got a chance to hang out with Tia from Yummy 411, Nyasha from Blogalicious and of course my BFF Jess from Design Wonderland.

I got some great beauty and skin care tips at that luncheon. Once I turned 30 it was like my hormones went crazy and my skin belonged to a new DWJ and I’m still learning how to get used to it, so it was great to get tips from those in the know. BUT I have to share with you some of the gems that the panel dropped on us:

  • Know your skin type.  Is your skin dry? Is it oily? Combination? Not sure? Go see a dermatologist and they can always help address any skin care issues that you have, but if you want to address your skin you have to know how it reacts and what it’s like in it’s natural state.
  • If you have problem skin evaluate your environment and your diet. They emphasized that what you put in your body is just as important as what you put topically on your skin.
  • Drink water and make sure you “eliminate” daily. Nuff said.
  • Use sunscreen. Even those of us with brown skin need daily SPF. The sun can still do damage to your skin, so make sure you protect it.
  • Did you know that spraying perfume on your neck and chest area can dry the skin out and make it age faster?! I’m spraying on wrists and the backs of my knees from now on.
  • Exfoliation is key. In order to get rid of dark spots and scars they suggest adding an exfoliator or peels to your beauty routine. If you want to get facials or professional peels but can’t afford monthly treatments go seasonly. Your skin has different needs in summer, fall, winter and spring and a seasonal check-in could be very helpful.
  • Just because it’s makeup from a department store doesn’t mean it’s the best. A lot of high end brands are owned by the same company for a lower end brand {Estee Lauder owns Bobbi Brown and Flirt!, Kohl’s beauty line} so explore drugstore beauty just as much as you do department store because the packaging and color range might just be the thing that sets them apart.

These are just some of the highlights but I learned a lot. I also received two products. Johnson’s Baby Oil and Johnson’s Shea & Cocoa Butter Cream oil. I have not been a baby oil user since I was a baby most likely, so I’ll do a separate review on those products. I was intrigued to hear that baby oil is great for removing eye makeup. I have a cousin who swears by that but I just thought she was crazy, but perhaps she was right. I’ve been in an eyeliner phase, so I’ll definitely have to give it a try. Jessica and I were so inspired that we went over to Walmart to raid the beauty and skincare department and I found some great products to help enhance my glow.

And can I also say, that Mikki Taylor’s skin was glowing? She was fabulous and I see why she’s been the Beauty Director at Essence for so long. What a fabulous event and I was so happy that I was invited.

So do you have any beauty secrets you want to share? I’d love to know!

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