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DWJ | The Art of Accessories I talked yesterday about the What’s Your Beauty Secret Luncheon and I thought I’d talk about the outfit too. Here’s my issue in life, sometimes I just want to put on jeans and a cardigan and call it a day. Saturday was that kind of day. I kept changing my outfit that morning and Jess said to me, “you really should represent The Art of Accessories today. Be your brand.” I don’t think of myself as a brand but I have had more than a few moments where I’ve been out and someone asks if I’m DWJ, so I guess you folks are reading and checking out my pictures!

Sigh…so I had to get cute. I think in the back of my mind I knew I should wear a dress. I mean, it is a luncheon and isn’t that the kind of occasion where you want to look like a lady?

So what am I wearing?

  • The dress: a purple Calvin Klein sleeveless dress I picked up up at Filene’s Basement in the fall. I decided I wanted to invest in more classic pieces but in bolder colors. I’m trying to let my wardrobe mature a bit and let my accessories make the statement. The dress is fairly simple with a swingy skirt but I feel like it needs a belt because the lines make me look like I have a looooong torso.
  • The cardigan: I live in the August Silk stretch silk cardigans. I think I own 5 or 6 of them in various colors. They’re the most versatile thing in my closet and a great way to add another layer of color. I love pairing the magenta with the deep purple. Color makes me happy.
  • The belt: an animal print belt I picked up from Ann Taylor Loft a year or two ago. It’s a nice medium width belt and is a great neutral option.
  • The shoes: Chinese Laundry Kopin, a pretty versatile cut out platform that I got for the Fashion Frontline Challenge I’ll be participating in this spring. I love the cut outs, they’re great for spring and will be super cute in the fall and winter with colored tights. And the hidden platform and stacked heel made this shoe incredibly comfortable! We stood around for an hour before the reception and I didn’t complain once. I even walked to the garage and didn’t think about slipping on my ballet flats. That makes these sexy shoes pretty darn fantastic in my book! Oh and of course that was the thing I was asked about the most at the event, who are those shoes by?!
  • The bag: a Liz Claiborne satchel I bought in 2008 on sale in a robin’s egg blue. It’s the best little pop of pastel goodness and I get asked all the time who the bag is by. Something about a structured satchel makes me feel high class, so it was the right choice.
  • The necklace: a bubble necklace I picked up at Target a while ago in a snakeskin print. It’s a nice fun and chunky detail.
  • The shades: a pair of Ferragamo shades I bought last year. Best shade investment I’ve ever made AND they were on sale.

I thought it was a pretty good look, but what are your thoughts? What would you have paired with the dress? Am I working it?

0 thoughts on “How To Accessorize | Ladies Who Lunch

  1. I love all the color mixing, i don’t think I would’ve thought to do that. But it works on you, I’m still afraid to try something with that much bold color but maybe I’ll try.

  2. I am loving your whole vibe in this post, the shoes, hand bag the total presentation is so fresh and on point, and you are killing that pose in the middle (the largest photo) continue the great work I look forward to your post every morning.

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