On My Radar | Fly London Shoes

Fly London Yogo BootsflyZZ_
On Sunday my husband decided that we needed to drive to Philadelphia because we had never had cheesesteaks before and he’s never really been to the city. So we hopped in the car and met one of my BFF’s to go to a cheesesteak place on the south side. We also did a little window shopping on South Street and I stumbled on a shoe store that carried a brand I had never heard of Fly London shoes.

In the shoe store I tried on the Yogo boots, slightly quirky, super high wedges in a patent leather brown. Of course the husband didn’t love them, but he gave me the standard response, “I don’t have to wear them so does it really matter?” To me it doesn’t but I was just window shopping so I put them back. They had several similar styles and they all ranged from $100 – $150 but what I couldn’t get over was how absolutely comfortable they were. I love a quirky shoe that no one else would probably wear, so I was totally in love with this brand and had to look them up when I got home.

I found them on Endless.com and browsed the entire collection and that’s when I also saw the Aiff pump. Love this two tone high heel! It comes in a great yellow and purple/pink color palette too and I just kept thinking, how cute would these be for summer? I think the round toe is sweet and gives it a little feminine touch to it.

And while browsing Fly London shoes I kept thinking how wide of a range of styles of shoes do they carry? They’ve got a bit of quirky, a dash of feminine and a few odd that made me totally fall in love with the line. I hope to see them carried in more places and I would love to get my hands on both of these pairs. If I do I’ll let you know.

So have you heard of Fly London? Do you think they’re cute or not?

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