Friday’s Fabulousness | Dooney & Bourke Classic Satchel

cherry blossoms It’s Cherry Blossom Festival time here in DC, YAY! The city is beautiful and full of pink blossoms everywhere…unfortunately the city is swelling with tourists too. It’s frustrating (they drive really slow) BUT this is what it’s like every year. I went out yesterday and took a few pictures of the blossoms around the tidal basin {feel free to check them out here. I love this time of year in the city, it’s just so beautiful and alive. I love spring, when you only need a classic trench coat to get you through the chilly evenings and you can bask in the sunshine during your lunch hour. I am a DC worker, so I definitely have a classic trench in my closet so that I don’t always have to stand out with my wild coats and prints. There’s also something a bit grown-up to me about finally settling into classic pieces and learning how to make them my own.
Dooney & Bourke Classic Satchel
Now on to this week’s fabulousness. Since I’ve been thinking about classics lately, I’ve been thinking about  handbags that fit into that category and the  Dooney & Bourke Calf Classic Satchel is definitely peaking my interest right about now. Soft buttery leather in a classic shape and but in unexpected colors (can we say hello to orange!). I love orange as a great statement color instead of red and it contrasts so nicely with blue, pink and purple that it can go with pretty much anything I’ve got in my closet. Not an orange girl? There are 16 different colors, from a classic navy to a light pink the color of the cherry blossoms. That’s my kind of bag. I could definitely grab one up in every single color Dooney & Bourke offers.

Have a fabulousness filled weekend everybody!

PS – The husband did great in his first 10k. He ran it in 64 minutes – WOOHOO! Thanks for those of you who asked/left comments.

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