How To Accessorize | Cadbury Egg Couture

It’s Monday and again due to the gorgeous weather I did nothing blog wise and I’m only posting once today BUT I’m giving you an outfit post! My Easter Sunday best.

In our family we like to come up with crazy dress codes for functions, totally silly but still fun to do. For Easter the dress code was Cadbury Couture. If you don’t know what a Cadbury Egg is I feel sorry for you for not having tasted the sweet deliciousness that is a Cadbury Egg. I love them so much that when I took a trip to London I went to the Cadbury Factory…yes, I did. So how did I interpret Cadbury Couture? Something that was springy and fresh with a dash of sweet mixed in. So what am I wearing?

  • Skirt: From Target last year, an Xhiliration bright floral skirt. I loved it the first time I saw it and grabbed it. It screams spring but I also wear it in the winter with black tights and a black sweater.
  • Tank Top: Another Target purchase. I buy camisole/shelf bra tanks in every color for summer.
  • Cardigan: August Silk from Filene’s Basement. I’ve been wearing this magenta/purple sweater a lot. I think this might be my favorite color on me.
  • Necklace: A Christmas gift from my husband. It has a matching bracelet but the beads are huge so I only wear it when I’m going sleeveless. I love that he picked this out for me.
  • Bag: Courtesy of Lesportsac, the Platinum Tristlet in Patina. The bag comes with 3 little wristlets in one but I just needed 1 for the day. I was carrying very little since I was going to my parent’s house.
  • Shoes: Seychelles Voodoo, a peep toe with a short angled heel. The color is about as close to a nude shoe as I can get and I like it. It’s my perfect summer neutral, I can wear brights and prints without it being a distraction.
  • Sunglasses: Mossimo Aviators from Target from 3 years ago (I think). Target always has inexpensive sunglasses and I think Aviators are a classic shape that works with most face shapes. They always have a great pair of Aviators (like these) in the store. I think I need a new pair since these are so old.

My makeup was shades of shimmery pink and lavender. I may do a post just on the makeup alone or put it in my Beauty Challenge for April. Speaking of which, I plan on doing an update on the month of March and what beauty went down last month. So this was my Easter best, thoughts? What’d you do yesterday? I hope you spent it with your family or doing something you loved.

0 thoughts on “How To Accessorize | Cadbury Egg Couture

  1. Cute, cute and more cute. Love it! I like this floral print because it’s not soo sugary sweet. Love all the color.

  2. i just discovered your blog and just wanted to say it’s absolutely fabulous.. i know i am going to get a lot out of.. great job and kudo to a great blog…

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