2010 Beauty Challenge | March

2010 Beauty Challenge
I told you guys that instead of doing a weekly Beauty Challenge I was going to switch it up to monthly, so this is what March looked like. 19 images of my makeup for March and I’m not going to lie…I was on a serious eyeliner kick.

Ever since I got my makeup done at a Bobbi Brown event I’ve been obsessed with slightly winged out black eyeliner. So there was a lot of it this month. The lipstick shades also varied from berry pinks to deeper orange and red tones. I was trying something new and I’m liking it. I can honestly say that my go to look is now a winged out black liner with deep orange/raisin colored lips and warm coral cheeks. It makes me happy.

For next week I’ll be participating in a Bare Escentuals Blogger Color Makeup Challenge so I’ll post pics next week of all the makeup I’m doing this week and still incorporate that into my monthly post for April. Bare Escentuals sent me some great colors and colors I would never think to buy but I’ve already fallen in love with a shocking pink shadow I would’ve never thought would look good on. But that just goes to show you, with makeup you’ll truly never know until you try.

If you want to know what products I used for each look you can always go to the Flickr set I’ve set up for my 2010 Beauty Challenge. You can also check any of the images out in a much larger format (don’t you just want to see my eyebrows up close? LOL).

And tell me, what new beauty tricks did you try recently? Help me branch out into something new for this month!

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