Facing My Fears | We Love Colors Fishnets

we love colorsI’m giving you a sneak peak of part of an outfit I’ll be showcasing in a later post but I wanted to talk about facing my fears. I have always been intrigued by fishnet stockings. Perhaps it was because of Morris Day’s “Fishnet” song (video embedded below) that I was intrigued but the lyrics kept me from trying it. “Fishnet black pantyhose…big legs, show through the holes,” who wants to have their legs called big?

Well I was browsing the We Love Colors website and I saw that they offer their fishnets in 51 colors, just like their amazing tights I told you about before. So I decided to try them, I randomly picked a color (spruce green) because I thought it would be pretty and then I found a skirt on clearance at TJ Maxx for $20 before the tights got here and they pair very nicely (they also go nicely with my purple wall, LOL). So I’m trying out something new. How will I ever know if I like it or can really make it work if I don’t try it? Fishnets are a nice option for spring as the weather gets cooler in the evening and I don’t want bare legs but I don’t want full tights on either.

Once I put the entire outfit together, I promise I’ll give you an outfit post. Right now I’m just proud of myself for trying something new. Have you tried anything new and out of your comfort zone lately? I’d love to hear about it.

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