laughter I recently upgraded my camera. I like to take pictures but I love taking pictures of people and have been told I can get folks to really respond to me and give great emotion and feeling in the photos I take of them. It’s rare that I either like a photo of myself or have a lot of pictures taken of me. I like being behind the camera and maybe I’m hiding sometimes too. No clue. I’m trying to peel myself from behind the camera and put myself in front more – in my personal life and in the blog.

I’m trying to get my husband better at the picture taking, so I can be captured in the memories we make too. So last night he snapped this picture of me at dinner. He said it captured me (he also said I was smiling with my eyes…) and I thought it did too.

If you want to see more of my photos feel free to check my out on Flickr and add me as a contact so I can see your pics too!

Oh and if you’re curious, I picked up that necklace for $8 at Filene’s Basement! I love when I find inexpensive and fun accessories on my lunch break 🙂

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