Lipstick Love | Three Custom Color Noir

IMG_2635I have to admit something to you. Sometimes I have products that I love and forget to talk about. It happens, sometimes more often than I’d like. It’s just that when I start reviewing something and it becomes a part of my daily routine, you forget that you haven’t shared that product with YOU! Oops!

The very lovely folks over at Three Custom Color sent me Noir sheer lipstick a few months ago. I’m sure you’ll remember how much I love Three Custom, especially after they let me create an Art of Accessories lip gloss.  Their products never disappoint and I’ve  had Noir as a daily staple in my makeup bag swiping it on whenever I see it in my bag, despite what other lip color I’ve had on that day.
Noir appears black in the tube but comes out a gorgeous sheer glossy burgundy/plum color that I’ve seen on several bloggers of different skin tones and it seems to work on everyone. I love this color for a couple of reasons:

  1. Three Custom Color’s lipstick formula is THE BEST. It’s moisturizing and creamy but in an almost gel like form. I grab this lipstick so much out of my makeup bag because it’s almost like putting on a lip balm but better.
  2. This deep plum shade is super flattering and the more I swipe it on, the deeper and prettier the color gets. If I just want a hint of color and moisture on my lips I put on 1 coat, but if I really want a soft glossy deep berry tone I keep building until I get the color I want.
  3. I’m not huge on matte lipstick and this lets me wear a deeper wine shade in a more wearable way. I swear matte wine lipstick wears me – and that’s never good. This lets me follow a trend and still have it be flattering on me.

I’m a fan of pairing darker shades with my lighter spring florals and even with my summer brights. I don’t always want glossy and nude and remember, my Beauty Challenge is all about exploring bolder lip colors and eye makeup. Noir is definitely a makeup bag staple and one I suggest you add to your makeup bag as well. It also comes in a gloss, which looks like it’s just as pretty as the sheer lipstick. Sorry I kept this great product to myself for so long!

0 thoughts on “Lipstick Love | Three Custom Color Noir

  1. I HATE dark wine color lips because they look so heavy and goth but I Think I can get behind this lipstick. It’s a pretty sheer berry. I like it.

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