Things That Make Me Happy Right Now

I’ve gotten several compliments in the last 2 days on 2 things I’ve been carrying with me, so I thought I would share what they are. It’s only fair, right?
sneakersThe other day I left my sneakers at home, on a gym day. My husband thinks that subconsciously I did it on purpose because I just said I needed new sneakers anyway.  So I went online to grab a City Sports coupon and met him during lunch to try on some new sneakers. I settled on the Nike Free 5.0 v4. I’ve been a fan of Nike Free running shoes since they first came out in 2004 (I think). For some reason they make my feet feel great which is difficult for a person who has back pain that can radiate down to the arches of their feet.

Of course, I gravitated towards this fun hot pink and grey versions – I really only wear them in the gym and most of my gym clothes are pink so why not? I take any opportunity I can to be as girly as possible in all scenarios. I kind of like the fact that the laces and tongue are crooked on the shoe. Apparently that’s supposed to help take some of the pressure off of the top of the foot and arch from when you tie your laces tightly. Okay. I just think it makes them a bit more fun.

My second bit of fun is on a totally different spectrum of accessories, a wallet.

fifiThe folks are Lesportsac were kind enough to send me over a few bags to review and they gave me the Lily wallet in the Vaudeville print. The Vaudeville print is part of the Fifi Lapin line, created by “the world’s most stylish bunny.” I read Fifi’s blog and follow her on Twitter and it’s all whimsical and fun, just like the prints. I thought this wallet was absolutely adorable and so has everyone else who has seen me on the street with it. My Dad even told me he thought the print was super cute. Unfortunately it’s currently sold out – sorry.

I’m a fan of long zip wallets like this style (I own 3 – a Coach, Dooney & Bourke and this one) and what makes this one my favorite is that it’s slightly bigger than my other wallets AND it has a nifty little pocket on the front. I slip my passkey for work and BlackBerry in the front when I want to go run an errand during my lunch break. I like when I can contain it all in one place.

So that’s what’s making me happy in my accessories world right now. Have you made any purchases recently that make you happy too? Share!

0 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Happy Right Now

  1. Accessories are making me very happy lately! I got a new wallet, 2 new handbags, a clutch and a fab colorblocked shoulder bag plus 2 pair of great shoes. Oh yes, accessories are making me a very happy girl right now.

  2. I bought the prettiest yellow handbag this last weekend. It is buttery soft and gorgeous and it makes me smile whenever I look at it. My boyfriend thinks I’m nuts but it does make me happy. This warm weather we’ve been having too is making me very happy too.

  3. I took your advice and bought a Lesportsac on sale at Filene’s and I love it as my gym bag. It’s great! I even tossed it in the washing machine after my funky clothes were in it and it comes out looking fresh and new.

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