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Bare Escentuals Experience a color addiction

I came home last week to a package and a challenge from the folks at Bare Escentuals, they wanted bloggers like myself to “feel the rush of color,” and try our best looks with 15 eye shadows. There was a deck of cards listing a ton of Bare Escentuals colors (I own several so I pulled the cards out of the deck that I didn’t own) and you could either deal yourself a new set of cards each day (see picture below) or you could try their list of pairings on a card included. I being lazy decided to just go with their preselected sets of colors that went together. I was nervous because there was a pink in the bunch that was terrifying to me BUT I love a great challenge and this went right along with what I wanted to accomplish with the beauty challenge this year.
IMG_2798 I have used Bare Escentuals eye colors for a long time. I love loose powder shadow and with these shadows you can wear them as a shadow or liner, dry or wet. The Bare Escentuals folks were also kind enough to include Prime Time Eyelid Primer (because primer is key in eye shadow application) and their Flawless Definition Mascara – one that I had never tried before. So enough chatting, let me tell you what colors I used. For all days I used all Bare Escentuals products. Either the Flawless Definition Mascara or Buxom Lash, Matte or Original Bare Escentuals Foundation and Mineral Veil and either I’m Amused Rouge or Radiance on my cheeks. My lips were coated with an assortment of Buxom Lip glosses throughout the week as well. All products can be found on the Bare Escentuals website or Sephora stores.

  • Day 1: Culture Pearl, Wildflower, Black Ice, Midnight Sky | I figured I’d start this challenge off with a bang and try the vivid pink shadow I was terrified off, Wildflower. In the pot it looks kind of hot pink and scary, but on my lid you’ll see it’s really more iridescent and is a soft purple and pink combined. I used that as the main color on the lid and lined with Midnight Sky. Black Ice was all over the lid from the the lashes to above the crease and Cultued Pearl was on my brown bone. I liked this palette together.
  • Day 2: Soul, Sex Kitten, True Gold, Soft Black | This day was really about bronze and softness around my eyes. The colors went from champagne to golden and Soft Black was used as my liner. I wet it a bet to help it stand out a bit more against the bronze since it matched my skin tone fairly nicely. I usually don’t do bronze but I thought this could be a great summer look and I should pair it with a coral lip.
  • Day 3: 2000, Chameleon, Twilight, Soft Black | This day I did more of a smoky shimmering eye. Loved the pale blues and silvers, and I loved how bright my eyes looked. Twilight was blended into my crease to give it a smoky look with the soft black lining my upper and lower lash line. LOVE!
  • Day 4: Black Ice, Nude Beach, Patience | I thought this day was a very traditionl palette for a smoky eye. Patience is a lovely dove grey and Black Ice is a darker, graphite grey. I used Nude Beach as the all over lid color. I like grey palettes for most days, so I would’ve put these all together on my own.
  • Day 5: Oz, Queen Phyllis, Soul, Soft Black | Oh my favorite day of them all because Oz is the most BEAUTIFUL green shadow I’ve ever seen. That had to be the stand out color of my makeup so I made sure to wet the shadow and apply it all over the lid. I almost didn’t want to liner my lids with Soft Black but I did. I can’t rave enough about Oz, it’s such a beautiful and sparkly green gem – I want to wear it every day. True story.

I also have to say that the Flawless Definition Mascara is quite nice. The comb is tiny and has these little comb ends on it that I felt like really gripped my lashes and coated them so they looked seriously long. Always a plus in my book. If you want to see more of the pictures and get to see the looks up close make sure to check out my 2010 Beauty Challenge set on Flickr and I’ll do a recap of my month’s beauty looks at the end of the month. Definitely check out Bare Escentuals eye colors online – there are TONS of options. I’ve got my sights set on a lovely vivid purple shadow next! I love color and they really know how to give a girl variety.

So are you ready to jump into color now for spring? What are you trying to do to liven up your beauty routine?

0 thoughts on “2010 Beauty Challenge | Bare Escentuals

  1. I love day 1’s look, I looked up that color wildfire and I’d be terrified to wear it but I like how it looks on you. I went to the Flickr to see it closer and the color really is gorgeous. I’m still terrified of such a bold green though.

  2. LOVE the eyes, but I want to see you pair them with stronger lips. I could’ve totally seen you with some major pink lipstick on a few of those.

    I’m trying to be brave and join you on this beauty journey but it’s hard to step out of my black liner and lipstick rut.

  3. Day 5 is my fave…I love how that color looks so nice on your lids. I love playing with eyeshadow color and being the fan of MAC that I am there is no end to extent of color my favorite artist loves to try on me. This spring she fixed me up with a coral and purple combo that is out of this world!

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