Places That Make Me Happy | Hello Cupcake


If you didn’t know, Washington DC has a cupcake war going on. There are about 10 different cupcakes places in the city and there seems to be a bracket for who has the best cupcake in town every other week. It’s exhausting.

Since I bake and my sister ABW is a serious baker (people frequently request her cupcakes/cakes at parties) I know a good cupcake when I taste one. One of my FAVORITE places to grab a cupcake in DC is Hello Cupcake in Dupont Circle. I’ve had several cupcakes from several of the different places in the area and this place is one of two that I frequent when I need a sugar rush.

This weekend we had lunch with a friend in Dupont Circle and my husband asked as soon as we sat down in the booth if we were going to Hello Cupcake…because it was only a few doors down. Of course we had to, right? He got the cherry blossom cupcake, a lemon cake with French cherry preserves and vanilla cream cheese frosting. I got the cookies and cream cupcake, a vanilla cake peppered with cookies and cream cookies inside and the most amazing cookies and cream frosting I’ve ever had. Seriously, their frosting is insane. I’ve had to stop myself from asking them to pipe the peanut butter frosting directly into my mouth.

The cupcakes are always moist, the frosting is always superb and the atmosphere is too adorable. If you’re in DC, definitely give them a try. I have a girlfriend that goes there for the gluten-free cupcakes, so sometimes we like to have a cupcake happy hour. I adore this place.

Do you have a favorite sweet?

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