DWJ For Supreme Court Justice

supreme court styleJustice Stevens is resigning from the Supreme Court and my cousin Mark Thompson from Make It Plain tweeted about people he would nominate in his place. Surprisingly, he did NOT nominate me. I thought it was odd since I’m one of his favorite cousins and I’ve been on the show multiple times, why would I not be a viable choice for a Supreme Court Justice?! We talked about it and he wanted to know what I could bring to the table as a Supreme Court Justice…a good strong dose of style, DUH! They need it!

You see if I was a justice plain old black robes just wouldn’t do. I’d take a page out of Andre Leon Talley’s style file and go for full on caftans. It’s the obvious choice, right? Here are my picks:

  1. eShakti’s Batwing Caftan: This would be my every day wear for rulings on the court or even Supreme Court Justice meetings (they have those right? Like staff meetings…I’m sure). This says to me, I’m down with your black but I’ve still got a bit of personality of my own!
  2. Tory Burch Jana Caftan: This would be my special occasions/dressed up caftan. Love the white (very political) and the silver embroidery around the sleeves.
  3. Gottex Caftan: For the summer I’d need something short bright and fun – I mean this screams Supreme Court Justice who likes a good mojito every now and then, right?
  4. Missoni Caftan: If I’m having a fun and flirty day in court, why not go with a bit of Missoni?
  5. Michael Kors Caftan: Nothing says American classic like Michael Kors. A bit of red, a splash of drama…I’d be the most stylish justice on the court!

I know it’s silly. I have zero political aspirations in me (until my HOA board makes me mad and then I want to run the entire city…) but a girl can dream can’t she? Perhaps as I’m getting older I’ve realized I really do just want to wear caftans. I think I might need to make one as a sewing project for this summer. Explore that side of leisurely dressing that still says I’m fabulous darling.

So would you vote for me for Supreme Court just off of this style platform? Be honest!

0 thoughts on “DWJ For Supreme Court Justice

  1. What a creative post Dana….. I like the Tory Burch caftan the best. And let’s not forget to bring your fellow justices workmates some cupcakes from Hello cupcake or even a breakfast braid for those long meetings ?? Gotta get the day started right dont ya think ?

  2. Hey Dana…I think the #s got reversed on #3 & #4. That pic labeled #4 has got to be the Missoni print, no?

  3. I agree with Helen, what a great concept! Why NOT venture beyond the lacy collar??!! Being a Tory fiend, of course I adooooore that caftan. I think the Supreme Court would suit you well 🙂

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