I Found A Stud @ Marshalls


A few weeks ago my husband and I used a $150 gift card we got (I love when I get rebates for regular purchases) to grab some new clothes. We both have gone down a size and needed to get the most bang for our buck so we headed over to Marshalls. For $145 we got 3 pairs of pants, 3 tops, 1 cardigan and this super cute studded purse.

I’ve only carried this bag a few times but every single time I put it on my arm I’m stopped and asked about it. The best part, it was only $29!! My Mom and her best friend didn’t believe me when I told them it was under $30 so I had to take my Mom to Marshalls on Monday and try to find the bag in her area. They had it but in a very pretty periwinkle blue. I almost contemplated getting it but I knew I already have a cute blue satchel and didn’t need to repeat. Besides I love the brown with the silver stud details. It’s a very tough and chic neutral.

I love it when I find a great bargain and it is super cute! Have you picked up anything that’s grabbed a lot of attention lately? Any great bargains?! Do tell!

0 thoughts on “I Found A Stud @ Marshalls

  1. wow, i would LOVE that in the periwinkle. i don’t do brown. but it’s very cute! great deal. i love marshall’s… i got 2 high-end bras and 4 pairs of girdle-panties for like $40 the other day!
    the item i wear that gets the most comments is a tiered lace skirt in spring green that i found at tj maxx 2 years ago! people absolutely LOVE it.

  2. That bag is gorgeous! You really got it for a steal, too! Unfortunately, I never find good deals in my local Marshalls as everything is easily picked over there.

  3. Mine is like that too Sheena…sadly! Also the shoes have taken over my Marshalls so they have a lot less clothing section then they use to. Ross in my area does have some nice things when I find time to travel to that side of town that is.

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