Never Say Never | Marc by Marc Jacobs Jumpsuit

marc jacobs jumpsuit I was flipping through the latest Marie Claire the other day and I spied the cutest Kelly green jumpsuit. A jumpsuit I would actually wear! GASP! Turns out it was the Marc by Marc Jacobs Stara silk jumpsuit, which I’ve only seen available online in black.

Here’s why I’m kind of surprised. I think jumpsuits are cute on very slim girls, preferably with a more boyish/straight figure. I have curves and just can’t see myself wearing a jumpsuit. I also don’t love things that are super short or mini…I’m a modest girl! But this jumpsuit, I would wear. This jumpsuit I would love.

I love this jumpsuit because it looks like a fabulously chic pair of shorts paired with a safari shirt and that outfit I would wear on a normal spring or summer day. I would love to get this in the vivid green I saw in the magazine but I swear, Marc Jacobs could design a brown paper bag and I’d wear that too. Pair it with a fabulous pair of summer heels, a wild colored pedicure and a snakeskin clutch and I’d be good to go.

Marc, why are you so wonderful?!

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