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IMG_2950IMG_2959Every week I tell you all how much I love Fridays and I really do. Yesterday I spent half the day thinking it was Friday and was so ready to peace out at work at the end of the day only to be reminded at 4pm it was Thursday. I was a little crushed. I love Fridays and started doing Friday’s Fabulousness because I wanted to share a little something fantastic that you could shop for over the weekend or investigate more on your own. Well this Friday, the fabulousness is a bit on the local side (sorry non-DC folks) and there’s a trunkshow this weekend too!

This is what I call my bird’s nest necklace. It’s from Queen Bee Designs and the designer, Allison Priebe Brooks, is just as charming and whimsical as her creations. I met Allison at Shecky’s Night Out while she was trying on a cute ruffly pink dress (I suggested that she buy it) and her booth has always been one that I’ve wanted to check out but was always so crowded at every event I’ve seen her at. That’s a sign of a popular designer!

Well, I decided to hover around the outer edges of her large display and on the bottom shelf in the corner was this fabulous necklace, my bird’s nest, hiding out waiting for me to discover it. I took one look at it and new no matter what the price ($50, marked down from $85 – BARGAIN!) that it would be coming home with me. This is a DWJ kind of piece. A little bit colorful, bold, messy and fun all rolled into one. Every time I’ve worn it I’ve been stopped by multiple people on the street asking me where this fabulousness came from.

Well this weekend Queen Bee Designs is having a Trunk Show and sale and if you mention that you heard about it from the Art of Accessories, Allison said she’d give you a discount! Here are the details:

The Queen Bee Trunkshow & Sale
Saturday, April 24th 10am – 5pm
Sunday, April 25th 12pm – 5pm
For address and to register, click here

These are the kinds of pieces that make you feel special and that no one else has, they’re the perfect kind of accessory and this necklace is definitely a part of My 100!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone! See you on Monday!

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