Tea Time | The Tea Set

The Tea SetAt Shecky’s Girls Night Out I bought two tins of tea from The Tea Set. I’m a big tea drinker, I even do a little 3pm tea time at work a lot of times to help me get through the rest of the day. My Mom loves a good cup of Earl Grey and my sister drinks tons of tea on a daily basis, so I blame them both for my addiction.

What got me with the Tea Set teas was the cute tins they came in (packaging is everything) and then when you opened them they smelled phenomenal. I settled on Succulent Indian Earl Grey, a very rich and dark black tea. This is wonderful with just a hint of cream and sugar – it’s almost intoxicating in the morning. It’s my perfect pick me up to get my day started. I also snagged Fashionable Charms a fruity and delightful herbal tea. I think of this as more of my afternoon treat since it has a hint of sweetness to it. Their website is pretty awesome too, very colorful and engaging. I’m particularly smitten with the Fashionista Teas section.

These are loose teas but they do sell a few flavors in tea bags as well. I prepare mine in a small French Press I bought at Target a long time ago (I really want a travel French Press too) but you can prepare them with all kinds of strainers. World Market has the CUTEST filter mugs for tea too.

The Tea Set is going to be my new favorite online destination for tea now. There are so many flavors to choose from and they range from black teas to white teas – I think I want to try them all. If your Mom is a big tea drinker, Mother’s Day is around the corner so why not buy her some gourmet tea and a beautiful tea pot to go with it? I’m sure she’d love to spend a little tea time with you.

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