How I’m Wired | Lenovo ThinkCentre A70z

IMG_2974IMG_2977My life is a bit crazy right now. I work a full time job and then I blog almost like it’s a part time job. The Art of Accessories is my brand, or at least that what I’m turning it into, it’s also the best part of my day because it’s something I love so much. Lately I’ve been upgrading some of my equipment and researching a new computer and I was asked if I would be interested in doing a long term review of the Lenovo ThinkCentre A70z and sharing it with my readers.

Here’s why I said I’d review it, it’s an all in one desktop unit that reminded me of am iMac I used to have and this Mac girl has slowly been warming up to the idea of being a PC girl more and more. It also comes with Windows 7 and I’ve been interested in seeing if that operating system is as fantastic as I’ve heard it is. So over the next few months I’m going to give you a few impressions and thoughts on the system and talk about it’s usability in case you’re in the market for a computer too. They’re marketing it towards people who are small business owners but off of my first impressions I’m thinking it would be great for college students and homes that want a desktop but don’t want a computer that takes up a ton of space.

My first thoughts about it:

  • Love that the computer came in a recyclable box and was packaged in a Lenovo reusable tote bag. Minimal packaging that’s all recyclable is a great green business idea.
  • It has a pretty sleek design (I’ll do a post with more pictures of the unit) and it’s fairly light weight and easy to move around my house all by myself.
  • Great clarity on the screen and I’m kind of falling in love with Windows 7 very quickly.
  • This system is easy to set up. There was 1 power cord and I plugged in my mouse and keyboard (you can also get it with a wireless mouse and keyboard so there is only 1 cord) and in about 7 minutes I was up and running after entering all of my information.

So we’re going to talk about this system and if you’re lucky…you will get to win one for yourself! More details on that later 😉

Interested in the specs on the computer? Click here.

0 thoughts on “How I’m Wired | Lenovo ThinkCentre A70z

  1. I’m usually a PC girl and this looks pretty cool. I really love how slim and lightweight the laptop appears to be. Looking forward to hearing more about it!
    Also, thank you for your wonderful comment! I wanted to let you know that the lipstick is by the NYX brand (great makeup for a bargain) and the color is Louisiana 🙂
    .-= Sheena´s last blog ..I’m in the mood for… =-.

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