Spoil Your Mom | MIJA Jewelry

Yesterday I got a chance to stop by the studio of MIJA Jewelry, a local Washington, DC jewelry designer, and the first thing I thought was a. I want to run out of the door with every single piece of jewelry and b. this would be a great gift to really spoil your mother for Mother’s Day.

These pieces are beautifully crafted and come in 18k gold or sterling silver and you have options between a colorful assortment of gemstones or white sapphires for many of the pieces. I also love the fact that the chains on the necklaces are adjustable so you can wear it short or long – why doesn’t everyone do that?!

My favorite collection was the Constellation series and I’m obsessed with the Constellation Bangles. It’s like a colorful burst of stars over a delicate bangle, a perfect accessory for me. If you’re not into all the color, the bangle comes in white sapphires too! Of course I would want multiple to stack up my arm but that’s not in my budget right now. From statement necklaces to very delicate pieces, I’ve definitely fallen in love with MIJA Jewelry. And if you’re a mom, they have children’s jewelry that might match the piece that you pick for yourself, how cute?!

You can browse their website and check their Twitter page for discount codes as well. This is definitely a site you will want to browse to pick your favorites. Check out the images above and their website and let me know which ones are your favorite!

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