Friend Friday

I’m participating in Friend Friday with Modly Chic. So on occasion I will answer a series of questions on Fridays and link to Modly Chic’s post with other bloggers responses. I think it might be fun and if you’re a blogger who wants to participate, click that link above for more details. So here we go:

  1. When did you first start blogging?
    January 2008 as part of a grad school project. I had no clue I would keep it going this long or get to do some of the fun and cool things I’ve been able to do because of the Art of Accessories.
  2. Going back in time, what were you like in high school?
    I was the same but I wore a cheerleading uniform every week. Yup, I was a cheerleader and Editor of my high school yearbook and just as bossy as I am now. I also always had a Pop Swatch clipped to my clothing in those days…I was trying to start a trend.
  3. What’s the biggest change your high school classmates would notice about you now?
    1. I’m not as teeny tiny as I used to be in high school, but I think the curves suit me better. 2. My plan for world domination hasn’t totally fallen into place like I thought it would…
  4. When did you first become interested in the fashion/beauty industry?
    I think I’ve always been into fashion and I always remember wanting to wear makeup and then wanting to know how it was made. I still try to make my own lip gloss and balms and have successfully created my own custom tinted moisturizer.  I’ve always devoured fashion magazines, and now I devour blogs and shows online. I think fashion and beauty will always be something that peaks my interest.
  5. If you had the chance to give one message to high school girls today, what would you say?
    Be you, don’t try to conform and definitely don’t let others people’s opinions tear you down. High school is tough but it’s always better if you’re happy about being yourself and loving how you present yourself to the world everyday. You’re wonderful!

Ok, that’s my first Friend Friday, I’m sure there will be more in the future!


0 thoughts on “Friend Friday

  1. Haha, Ooooooh high school. I remember the high school days. I wanted to have a compact of cover girl powder like everyone else. But, look at you – making your own custom tinted moisturizer.

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