Mother’s Day For New Moms

I totally wanted to do a Mother’s Day Gift Guide but again, time seemed to slip away from me like sand flowing through my fingers. BUT that doesn’t mean I can’t share a few great products for gifts. Mother’s Day is next Sunday and I love gifts for new moms. I’ve had a few girlfriends recently have babies and a few tell me they’re pregnant so I’ve had new moms on the brain lately. There are two gifts that I wanted to share go from beauty to tech but I think are the kinds of things new moms might want.

three custom color Mom on the goEye-Fi_Share_AE_-_High_ResI’m a big fan of Three Custom Color Specialist and I love the fact that they’ve created new palettes for the Mom On The Go! I’m also kind of in love with the color of the lip and cheek stain (pictured left) and I kind of want to pick it up for myself even though I’m not a Mom (but I am always on the go).

From my girlfriends with children I know that finding time for themselves, especially with a new baby is kind of tough. Finding time for a bit of beauty is even tougher and that’s when multitasking products because a must. Swiping on this gorgeous shade on your lips and cheeks helps give you a bit of color and a beauty boost, so why not have this piece and a tube of mascara in your baby bag to keep you looking fresh with your newborn.

My tech recommendation for a new mom really is a great one (and I’ve mentioned it before), the Eye-Fi card. I gave my father one for Christmas and he loves it and here’s why a mom would love one: it does all the work for you! The Eye-Fi card takes a simple one time set up and once you set it up whenever you turn on your camera in your home network the Eye-Fi card will automatically upload your photos to a folder on your computer’s desktop and/or to any online website you set up. For all the photos my girlfriends take of their babies and NEVER post or email, this does all of the work for them. So while they’re feeding the baby their photos can be uploaded without doing a darn thing. GENIUS!

I’ll try to give a few more gift ideas this week for Mother’s Day. And definitely share any suggestions in the comments section!

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