What I’m Up To | The Fashion Frontline

fashionfrontlineHere’s a little preview from a fun blogger challenge I’ll be participating in over the next few weeks. The Fashion Frontline is a blogger challenge where 8 bloggers (including yours truly) will participate in 5 fashion challenges. We choose our own clothes to show how we would dress for the occasion and readers get to vote on each week’s look.

Check out the website to see my competition and I’ll post links each week for whenever the challenges go live. All the bloggers are from various backgrounds, locations and popularity, so I think this will be a little fun to see how we all come up with a certain look. Want to check out the competition? Here are my fellow bloggers:

Kelsi; Dedicated Follower of Fashion

Lindsey; Saucy Glossie

Katy Rose; Modly Chic

Marlene; StyleSizzle

Laurie; Laurie B Style

Ashley; Cocktail Chic & Vintage Vanity


Bren; So Much Pretty

I think this is going to be fun!

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