Friday’s Fabulousness | My Mom


It is the Friday before Mother’s Day and the most fabulous thing I could think of for today is my Mom! TTW is pretty darn fabulous with her love of Bobbi Brown makeup, fabulous jewelry and Not Your Mom’s Jeans that she finds on sale at Nordstrom Rack. I get a lot of my traits from my Mom, I mean she is the original Art of Accessories.

When I was little she always let me pick out her eye shadow colors and never got mad when I played with her makeup. I danced around the house in many of her high heels and I draped myself in her jewelry – still do.

Moms take care of everyone when they’re sick, sad, cranky, hungry…you name it Moms can always make it better. And even though on occasion she tells me I’m her “difficult” child I know that no matter what she loves me, no matter how difficult I may be I’ll be her favorite difficult child. For the record I am totally not difficult.
This year for Mother’s Day my Mom already knows what she’s getting from my husband and me, a gift card to the Apple Store so she can buy her own iPad (she told me she’s naming her iPad Paddy and I named mine Pierre). Did I mention my Mom is tech savvy too?

I’m happy and so lucky to have such a cool, stylish and loving Mother. I love you, Mom!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers who read my blog. Have a wonderful weekend and I want everyone to squeeze and hug and love your Mother everyday like it’s Mother’s Day.



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