Friday’s Fabulousness | LeSportsac

Spring has really sprung despite how cold it has been in DC, it’s supposed to be hot today so I’m happy about that. I’m also pretty happy because I’m heading up to NYC for the Makeup Show! I love this show, you may remember me going last year and having a blast. I get to meet wonderful fellow bloggers and phenomenal makeup artists as well as the people behind a lot of major beauty brands. For a beauty junkie like me, this is the kind of weekend that I will thoroughly enjoy. Oh and the Fashion Frontline website finally launched – YAY! Make sure to check me out and vote every week on my stylish outfits. And you can also check me out on LA Beauty’s Beauty Beat of the Week!

I thought since I’m talking about going on a short trip AND the fact that today is the last day to enter my LeSportsac giveaway my fabulousness should have to do with LeSportsac because I don’t think I’ve ever traveled without one.
LeSportsac Passerby HandbagWhen I go on these weekend trips I want to pack light and take one bag. I plan out my outfits and coordinate so I only have to take one pair of shoes (in NYC I’m wearing flats all day – so much walking). I don’t own this style by Lesportsac (yet) but I definitely wish I had this one in my closet for this weekend. The new Passerby Handbag can serve has a huge handbag and a weekender bag to hold my overnight clothes, camera, iPad and toiletries. This would be a great and stylish bag for my carry-on luggage on a plane trip too.

I know when I go on a trip like this to NYC I’m going to have all of my stuff with me the entire time, so why not carry it in style? The straps are big enough that I can put my bag on my arms and not worry about having to carrying it in my hands or roll it down the street or on a crowded subway.

Since I don’t own this one I most likely will either carry one of my Deluxe EveryGirl Totes, my Sidney Overnighter, or a huge hobo bag style that they don’t carry anymore. Either way, I’m travelling with a LeSportsac.

So enter by the end of the day TODAY and have a fantastic weekend everybody. If you wan to see what I’m up to over the weekend you can always catch me on Twitter.



0 thoughts on “Friday’s Fabulousness | LeSportsac

    • I’m a Coach fan but their prices are so high that they’re not in my budget anymore. I love the fact that with LeSportsac I can pick my print and style bag and not be completely broke after I bought a bag. I’ve had some LeSportsacs for almost 10 years now and they still look just as fantastic as they did when I bought them, so I truly am a lover of their products.

  1. The A of A always has the cutest giveaways. Lesportsac has always made such fashionable and top quality bags. Keep it up DWJ!!

  2. I absolutly LOVE these bags but, do not have the funds for them. I am a FosterParent of 9 years and would love one of the Diaper Bags or regular bags to use as a diaper bag ! It would be so special to have one of them. But, unfortunatly funds do not allow for things that are not truly necessary for us. LOVE THESE BAGS. Shawna Tinker

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