Golf & Testing Things Out

Anniversary Golf, originally uploaded by theartofaccessories.

So this post is kind of a test post since I’m posting it via my Flickr account. I wanted to see if it would work and I figured since I’m blogging light today I might as well try it out.

I took a lot of pictures yesterday on the course since we played 18 holes for our anniversary. My husband is my only golf partner. I love him but man I wish I had some girlfriends in my life who played as much as I like too. I always have to play with the boys and that gets a bit boring. They don’t talk about anything fun and they damn sure don’t care that I like to be as cute as possible when I play a round of golf.

I thought I’d share this photo because I love this glove. My parents gave it to me as a stocking stuffer for Christmas and it’s my second Glove It glove, they’re all designer and way more fabulous than your regular golf glove. It paired perfectly with my green and lavender striped golf polo and my green plaid golf shoes. All that cuteness is being wasted on the boys. Sigh…

Any DC ladies want to play? Let me know!

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