Have You Seen Denim Diapers?

huggies denim diapersHave you seen Huggies Denim diapers? Well, AOL News.com interviewed me to get a “fashionista” perspective.

To read the article, click here

0 thoughts on “Have You Seen Denim Diapers?

  1. Ridamndiculous!! There was an ad in this past Sunday’s paper and we all, especially my seven year old son, had the biggest laugh about it. I mean the kind of laughing that won’t stop and you start to tear and when someone says “diaper jeans” later, it starts again. They aren’t really denim are they? It reminds me of that time your family had a graduation get together and someone wore “jeans”. Do you remember that ?! If not ask HAW. It was hilarious!!

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