My Secret Obsession…Heather Park’s Nails

Heather Park’s Nails, originally uploaded by theartofaccessories.

Have you heard of Calgel nails yet? They’re a gel nail system but what really has me stuck on them are the nail designs that you can do with Calgel. I’ve secretly been nail stocking Heather Park of Seoul Diva and her elaborate nail designs.

I actually bumped into Heather at the Makeup Show and asked her if she would let me take a picture of her nails. She very kindly obliged me (I felt slightly like a groupie, LOL). This is her marbled white matte nail design, which is pretty tame from some of her wilder options that I love so much, but it was still pretty cool.

I’m jealous because NYC seems to be the only place right now that will do such cool nail art. I haven’t found Calgel in DC yet and I’m sure when I do they won’t have anyone doing the nail art like this.

Sigh…a girl has to be patient I guess.

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