A Fitted & Nationals Ladies Night


I’ve always been a hat girl. I love a good newsboy cap, fedora, baseball cap – I’ll rock it. For the longest time my husband has been trying to get me to rock a Yankee fitted because he is from Brooklyn. Well, I’m not a New Yorker, so I guess the Yankee fitted never really resonated with me. I just didn’t see why it was so great, so I always passed whenever he tried to buy me one. I’ve moved around a bit and I honestly call Maryland/DC home, so I think it was only appropriate that my first fitted was a Washington Nationals one. This is the home team and the Hubby wears a Nats hat too. Plus, I have W in my initials, so I kind of love anything with a W on it. I’m an easy sell.

I love that it’s green and has crazy scribbles all over it, like I was doodling all over it one day at a Nats game. Which reminds me, the Nationals are having two Ladies Nights this year. I had a blast the first year when my girl EJ was their comedic entertainment for the evening. Ladies Nights will be June 10th and August 26 and you can find out more information on ticket prices here. Perhaps I need to go just so I can rock my new hat 🙂

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