I’m In The Mood For Tie Dye

iDyeWhen I was younger I remember tie dying a few items with my sister. They were all purple and we weren’t the best at it but it was fun and still makes us laugh to talk about it now. Now, I have my very crafty and creative friend, Jessica, who used to work for a designer and has dyed fabrics in a bathtub like a pro.

I’m down for a new tie dye project.

The Gap has some gorgeous flowy tank tops that are tie dyed, but they’re $45 – I’m totally not going to pay that price. So I’m interested in trying out iDye, a desolving packet of dye and all I have to do is add salt to my wash cycle and whatever I want to tie dye.

Now I’m just on the search for the perfect tank top to try. I need something inexpensive so I can buy a few to try out my dying technique. I’m pretty sure I won’t get it perfect the first time but I have to try it.  I would say I’d sew a tank top but when would I have the time to do all of that? I barely have enough time to sleep let alone have a full stitch and bitch session.

I’ll let you guys know how the process goes.

0 thoughts on “I’m In The Mood For Tie Dye

  1. My ears were burning did someone say tie-dye ?? I am sure I have an old rasta baby tank for you to work w/ Dana !

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  3. I think most people were first exposed to tie dye when they were young. I have been reading many schools are now including it as part of their art curriculum. I would much prefer to have make tie dye tees than do pottery. 🙂

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