Friend Friday | Color Edition

Another edition of Friend Friday where I answer 5 questions. If you’re interested in seeing what other folks are saying or if you want to participate too, check out Modly Chic for more details.

This week the questions are about my favorite thing, COLOR!
1. Which color do you find the most flattering to wear? Why?

This is always a toss up. My husband loves me in pinks and reds (red is his favorite color). If I think of what’s most flattering I’ll go on the orange/red side. It’s great with my skin tone but man I wish green looks the best on me.

2. What color do you never wear? Why?

I’ll wear pretty much any color and pattern. I have zero limitations when it comes to color and I don’t think there’s a specific color that looks dreadful on me. Besides, color makes you happy. Why not wear it?

3. Do you think there are universal colors that can look good on everyone?

Hmm…blues tend to look good on everyone, it’s like there’s a shade of blue for everybody. It’s always great, and I love blue mascara.

4. What are your tips to wearing a color that is not the best for your skin tone, but you just simply love?

Wear it in small doses. Use accessories to add that color instead of wearing a dress in a shade that doesn’t compliment you well at all.

5. In regards to makeup… what colors do you avoid, what to you always reach for?

I actually avoid black a lot. I think black liner can be so harsh on everyone, instead I say go for charcoal grey. There’s something so much more sophisticated about grey. It’s totally underrated. Also navy blue is great on the eyes as well as green. Stop being boring and go for something bold!

And if you really love color, you should check out Colorstrology. It is your Pantone color and birthday horoscope rolled into one. I love it!

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