Monday’s Manicure | Essie Pretty Edgy

Monday’s Manicure, originally uploaded by theartofaccessories.

Today is the day I show you my most favorite green creme to date, Essie’s Pretty Edgy.

Obviously this is my favorite because it’s the most perfect green I’ve seen in a long time. I don’t like wearing green on my toes (who wants to look like their have a fungus or mold on their toes?) but I love wearing it on my tips and this color did not disappoint me. It comes from the Essie Summer Resort collection, which I think is a bit of an odd mix. There are muted pastels and neutrals, one bold orange and this gem of a green.

I didn’t pick up anything else in the collection, nothing else caught my eye or made me wish I had it as much as I knew I wanted this green. So, so pretty! LOVE!

0 thoughts on “Monday’s Manicure | Essie Pretty Edgy

  1. I don’t think I could pull off green, but it sure looks nice on you. I always stay in the safe zone of pinks, neutrals, or just clear polish. My toes see more colors, but you’re right about the moldy thing LOL.

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