I’ve Got Tie Dye On The Brain

I mentioned the other day that I’m in the mood for tie dye. Well, I think my tie dye obsession might be getting a bit bigger. At first I wanted to tie dye a tank top and now I keep seeing more and more tie dye accessories that scream summer fun to me.
mabmini_bluetyedye_gold_angleThe other day my cousin IM’d me about this gorgeous Rebecca Minkoff tie dye bag, how cute is this?!

Unfortunately, the price tag of $550 isn’t in my summer style budget. But while browsing the gap during my lunch break I stumbled on their Slouchy Hobo in tie dye which made me think, why can’t I just tie dye my own tote for summer?
gp750788-00vliv01Tie dye is a trend that I’ve loved once before but don’t know if I’ll love it forever. So perhaps I need to search my Martha Stewart Sewing Encyclopedia for a tote bag sewing pattern and tie dye my fabric!

Oh I see a fun crafting project in my future! Must make a date with my girls soon!

0 thoughts on “I’ve Got Tie Dye On The Brain

  1. Love the idea. If Martha doesn’t have a tote pattern you like, check out sewing.craftgossip.com and search for tote bag. Just be careful with this site, it is extremely addictive!!! Good luck and I can’t wait to see what you create.

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