My DIY Camera Strap

camera strapA year ago, @thecoveted tweeted a blog post from Design*Sponge about making your own camera strap for a DSLR camera. At the time, I had a nice Nikon, and I hated the strap and wanted to cover it. Clearly I was lazy because I saw this post a year ago and never did anything with it other than bookmark it. Fast forward to today, after a few days of staying home sick and laying in bed watching Real Housewives of NYC and NJ I was ready to tackle something small on my last day home from work.

All it took was a small piece of fabric and 5 minutes to sew. Easy as pie! I have a lot of basic cotton prints in my sewing fabric kit and I went for something a little neutral because on occasion my husband will use this camera. I figured the hot pink swirls that were my first choice might not be his first choice for a camera strap. Marriage is about compromise, so I settled on this black and white print.

I wanted to redo my camera strap because I actually wear my camera around my neck a lot. Especially if I’m covering an event for the blog or just taking vacation pictures. It isn’t dorky, it’s practical. Besides, I’m prone to putting things down and leaving them somewhere and I cannot afford to lose my Canon! This makes it a pretty chic accessory in my book and I’m always down for that. Black and white goes with pretty much everything, so this was neutral but still fun enough for my camera strap makeover. Hey, now that I know how to do this in 5 minutes, I may have sew up a few more options for my Canon.

So glad I finally did this and so glad I saw and saved this tweet from a year ago!

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