Style Inspiration | Who I Aspire To Be

isaac-mizrahi18Perhaps because I’ve been in pajamas all day since Sunday (I had a cold) I’ve been thinking about ladylike fashion, with a dash of razzle dazzle. This is an image from the September 2009 Isaac Mizrahi fashion show. I definitely swooned over all the ladylike dresses and chicness of it all with that show. It was definitely my favorite that year. I love the classic style with just a touch of quirkiness that is Isaac Mizrahi. Even Oprah had him create a custom version of this dress for her recent O Magazine anniversary cover. To me this is fashion perfection.

The classic silhouette but with pink sparkle, how could this not be fabulous on anyone?! Now if I just had a place to wear this dress…and a budget to buy it as well.

I’m always inspired by fashion, what’s in style, what’s going to be the fashion of the future. I’m currently obsessed with digital magazines on my iPad (they are heaven!) because the images are so sharp and crisp, the way I think high fashion photography can be truly appreciated. I’ve kept this picture on my computer desktop and on my pin board/inspiration in my office since September 2009. It just makes me think of the kind of woman I want to be, or hope I present myself as when I go out.

I want to be classic with just the right amount of razzle dazzle.

Who do you want to be? What is your style inspiration?

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