Friday’s Fabulousness | Show Me What You’ve Got!

For the first time in a long time, I don’t have a Friday’s Fabulousness. So sorry to disappoint. I am going to blame it on my cold that knocked me out of commission for the majority of the week and honestly all I’ve been able to do is watch Real Housewives of NYC and NJ while I dosed in and out of consciousness. I guess my brain really did need a brake.

He's been keeping me company

He's been keeping me company

Last night I took some Mucinex to help break up my chest congestion and in my sleepy deliriousness I told my husband I could feel little people dancing around in my chest breaking up all the congestion. Clearly I was insanely tired and happy to have someone snuggle me despite laughing silently at me while I drifted to sleep. I’m over the cold, just can’t get rid of this congestion! Summer colds are the worst.

So perhaps this Friday should be a little different. Since I’ve been out of it and cooped up, how about you share with me something that’s chocked full of fabulousness. Whether it was something that happened or a product you think I should try, I would love to hear what’s been fabulous in your world, since Kleenex and cough syrup have been filling mine. Leave your fabulousness in the comments and have a great weekend.


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  1. Hi DWJ! I hope that you feel better soon. I wanted to share that I have been able to take advantage of some “fabulous” sales recently. I’m a classic gal, so Talbots always has my staples. Crewcuts for kids never disappoints – was it too early to start Clarke’s wardrobe ………… for Kindergarten and 1st grade. No indeed!!! Of course I have to stock up on children’s shoes at Nordstroms Women and Children sale. Was it bad that the lady behind me said, “She’s getting all that!!”??!! No indeed!! (Sigh) A great sale is truly a “fabulous” thing – can’t beat it!!

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  3. DWJ, hope you are feeling much better. One brand I have found that I absolutely love is the Borghese nail care products and one product in particular I think you would enjoy as well is the Borghese Hydrati nail moisture treatment, I have dried so many brands of base coats from dirt cheap to you’ve got to be kidding me expensive and this one hands down really helps my nail polish adhere and last longer. I think they have it at Ulta stores for $12-$15
    I love the post you do on your nails and I know you a big Mani girl so I hope you like this product as much as I do. Get well soon!

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