Boho Chic | Lesportsac Cleo Crossbody Hobo

lesportsac crossbody hobo
It is not a secret on this blog that I’m obsessed with Lesportsac bags, I mean there could be worse obsession, right? So last night I was browsing their website to check out the new patterns because there are always new patterns and I saw the Shibori print that reminded me of the print on my camera strap! It also reminded me of my latest obsession, tie dye!

If you didn’t know, Shibori is the Japanese term for dying cloth, or as it’s more commonly known to us…tie dye!

No wonder I thought the print was so darn cute. I need to stop talking about all the tie dye and get to dying, SOON! I just never feel like I have enough time to do all the projects I want to do and when I see bags with cute prints like this I think why make it when I could just buy it?

I need to run my own fabulous accessories empire and then my days could be spent doing all these projects I have swirling around in my brain. If anyone has any suggestions on how to make that happen feel free to share!

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