How To Accessorize | Summer Wedding Part II


First, I have to say thank you to everyone who left such loving comments on my How to Accessorize | Summer Wedding post. I got such nice tweets and comments, I was blushing. Since my outfit posts are the most popular but the least done, I am working towards a goal of doing at least 1 outfit post a week. We’ll see how that goes, but since I had such a great response to the post earlier in the week I wanted to talk about the actual accessories and show those off a bit more.

The comment I get the most when I wear color is that people wouldn’t imagine pairing certain colors together. I have to be honest, black is very minimal in my wardrobe (and white is very minimal in my home), so mixing and matching color is my thing. But it really isn’t that hard and shouldn’t be intimidating, especially if you know what I know…follow the color wheel!
color wheel
Opposites are great together, they play off of each other. Since I was wearing an orange dress, I pulled in turquoise (blue) shoes, because orange and blue are fabulous contrasting colors. To pull it together a bit more I added my multicolored stone necklace that had orange and 2 shades of blue in it, and then just for fun I threw in my Kenneth Jay Lane ring with a green stone. The bag worked because it’s a neutral, black. So see, it wasn’t that wild or tricky, bold choice perhaps but an easy way to pair different colors.

So the next time you think about pairing basic black or brown with a pop of color, try adding the opposite shade from the color wheel to really give your outfit some punch.

Do you have any favorite color combinations?

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  2. Going thru your old blog posts since I’m a newbie to your blog…can’t believe I found this ring…I have it and wear it almost every day 😉

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