Father’s Day Ideas

father's dayI have been slacking on my gift guide duties. I know, I know. That just means I’ll have to do something spectacular for Christmas. So I thought today I should toss out a few Father’s Day gift ideas since it is Sunday.

  1. Baseball tickets: It is baseball season and who doesn’t like going to a good ol’ ball game? I actually love the Nationals Stadium in DC, not because I love the game but because of the food and drinking! Our stadium has so many of the great local restaurants that I have to get myself prepared to eat all day long.
  2. Converse, Jack Purcell: Buy Dad a sneaker that is just as classic as he is. I love an old school sneaker and these are tie dyed Jack Purcells. Too cool.
  3. iPad: Every guy loves a gadget, why not grab him the ultimate gadget to show him how much he’s appreciated.
  4. Beer Brewing Kit: If it was Father’s Day for my husband I would totally buy him his own beer brewing kit. He loves beer and is always fascinated by cooking and how things are made. This way your Dad or you guy can make his own special brew.

My Dad got his Father’s Day gift from me on Mother’s Day, a gift card to go with my Mom’s gift card towards the iPad they share. They’re so tech savvy it’s too cute.

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