How To Accessorize | Backyard BBQ

pancanAhhh…welcome to Monday. I had a glorious weekend celebrating my Dad and I hope you all had a good one as well. I’m starting the week off with a bang by doing an outfit post on Monday since I said I’d try to do at least one a week AND I’m featuring 3 outfits! Also, these are outfits I wear in everyday life, so don’t come looking for me in some craziness! I also hope to feature more of my friends on here as well because they’re all pretty stylish if I do say so myself.

First, let me apologize for the image quality of my cousins photos. I mistakingly didn’t realize I had the settings on my camera a bit too bright, so they’re a bit washed out but their outfits were still cute. We had also planned on having this array of colorful backyard water fountains for sale we found near the park, but we completely forgot. On Sunday we had a small family BBQ for my Dad and my cousins popped over for a bit. I thought they were the picture of summer casual. Ari was rockin’ a straw fedora with a very flowy tank dress and wide belt. It was super cute with her bright orange pedicure and gladiator sandals.

My cuzzo Amelia wore the cutest romper/dress in black and white. I took a picture of her J Crew flip flops that were highlighter yellow but the shot was too washed out to really see it. Oh they were perfect with the black and white, just enough punch to make you notice.
My outfit was one based on my wishy washy attitude that day. I couldn’t figure out what to wear. It was 90+ degrees outside and I just wasn’t in the mood for a dress. So I chose shorts instead. I grabbed a pair of Mossimo shorts that are made of a grey and deep burgundy pin stripe material (like these), a floral print jersey tank with a cotton navy blue tank underneath and to go with the bright florals I threw on my Coach wedge sneakers I bought in 2008. I like a Bermuda short, I don’t have long legs and I’m more comfortable with these. I’d even throw on a green cardigan and wear this outfit to work with my silver flats (I work in a casual office). I also grabbed my LeSportsac Deluxe EveryGirl tote* in pink patent leather and threw on a few bangles in various colors and metals since I didn’t have on a necklace. I just felt like I needed something. My cousin Mark kept telling me my shoes were nasty…in a good way. HA! Who knew a wedge sneaker could be so nasty?

So what did you do for the weekend?

*LeSportsac tote courtesy of LeSportsac

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