Monday’s Manicure | Essie Turquoise & Cacos

Monday’s Manicure, originally uploaded by theartofaccessories.

I realized I took pictures of this manicure over a month ago and never shared! This is Essie’s Turquoise & Cacos, part of the resort collection that had that lovely Splash of Grenadine I like so much.

I’m iffy about my minty greens, light blues, but this turquoise was just warm enough for me to like it. I thought it was a great contrast against the purple envelope I was sending a thank you note in that day. This is a green I might actually wear on my toes and not think they look moldy!

I am going to take a short break on Monday’s Manicure to test out the Seche Vite nail system because my nails are splitting like crazy. I’m also testing it out on my Mom at the same time to see how her nails work with a different formula. Oh and I’ll be giving away some of their repair system to you as well! But don’t worry, if you’re missing Monday’s Manicure I’ve got several mascara reviews that will be coming in the next weeks. I won’t leave you hanging!

In the meantime, share some colors I need to try next!

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