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If I want to get folks riled up on Twitter, all I have to do is mention red velvet. I talk about cupcakes a lot during the day because DC has some great cupcakeries around town and even a few mobile cupcake spots but last night I was overwhelmed when I discovered a recipe for red velvet brownies.

In Washington, DC we have a really good burger joint, Good Stuff Eatery. It’s owned by Spike Mendelsohn of Top Chef fame and I go there for the Obama Burger or Uncle D’s Chili & Cheddar Burger and when I’m feeling really bad I go for the toasted marshmallow milkshake.

Yes, I said toasted marshmallow milkshake and yes it is just as sinfully wonderful as it sounds.

So when Chef Spike came out with a cookbook, The Good Stuff Cookbook, I had to have it just for the toasted marshmallow milkshake recipe if nothing else. Well this baby is chocked full of FABULOUSNESS. Recipes for burgers, the chili on my fav burger and milkshakes galore but when I stumbled on the red velvet brownies recipe while riding home I made the husband stop at the store to pick up the few ingredients I knew I didn’t have. I had to make them last night because I knew Chef Spike wouldn’t let me down (and I’m pretty sure I tweeted him to marry me, even though I’m married and whenever I see him at the restaurant I’m too nervous to say hi or ask for a picture…lame but true).

Yes, I was that pressed to make red velvet brownies last night, the day I bought the book. And yes, the are magnificent. Mine are a bit more cake like than the picture looks, but I didn’t do everything to a tee in the recipe. But wow, THEY WERE GOOD. Instead of putting the white chocolate frosting on top the recipe called for, I put a dollop of vanilla ice cream. A great substitute.

I love food and I really love good food and I’ve never been disappointed at Good Stuff Eatery, so I highly doubt that Chef Spike will let me down with this new cookbook. I’m a huge Top Chef fan and I’m excited that this season is in DC but I think I’m more excited over the prospect of this being the best cookbook I’ll ever own. So I’m telling you right now to click on over to or and grab a copy for yourself. Feel free to thank me in the comments section later.

I am ready to make some milkshakes and burgers this weekend. Who wants to join me?!

Oh and stay tuned because there is a BIG contest announcement next week. You will NOT want to miss the fashionable technology that’s being given away!


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